Biotope Environnement, biodiversity at the heart of your projects.

Biotope Environnement SA is the Belgian subsidiary of the Biotope group. Created in 2016, on the initiative of Belgian naturalists, this environmental consultancy is based in Etalle in the Province of Luxembourg, and in Brussels.

Biotope Environnement works with its clients to conserve, manage and enhance biodiversity.

Specialised in the expertise of natural environments, the team benefits from a solid experience in the environmental assessment of all types of land use projects, as well as in the management of protected areas and biodiversity conservation

Biotope Environnement’s team has a perfect command of the French, English and Flemish languages and is therefore able to assist you with your international projects.

As an independent structure, we guarantee our clients complete objectivity in our approach, so as to obtain, on the one hand, a high degree of legal certainty and, on the other hand, the best possible environmental integration.
Julien Biotope

Focus on the leader

Julien Renglet

Director of Biotope Environment in Belgium and Luxembourg, Julien has 10 years of experience in engineering and is specialised in biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. Julien has also participated in several environmental impact studies to highlight the risks associated with the implementation of several wind farms in the Walloon Region.

He has a very good knowledge of the Walloon regulatory context related to the protection of species and habitats. He is also a forestry expert, member of the National Federation of Forestry Experts. Finally, Julien is fluent in English and conducts international assignments.

He recently assisted the Walloon Region in establishing its biodiversity strategy.

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Inter-team day

It is in a warm and friendly atmosphere that the different teams of Biotope Environnement met in Vance at the start of the year.
Sharing of experience, discussions and relaxation were on the program!
A good time to strengthen the cohesion of a growing team.

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January 2023

Do you know electrofishing ?

It’s a standard technique for studying fish communities. It can be conducted on foot in shallow rivers and streams, as it was the case here, in the Our catchment. A current is generated in the water, which, depending on the biology of the fish …

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October 2022

Mussels fishing

These secretive members of our aquatic fauna often go unnoticed: the freshwater mussels. There are a few species in Belgium, including the very rare pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) or the one we study a lot at Biotope, the thick mussel (Unio crassus) …

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September 2022